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Recording Time Lapse Videos On Note 8 – Manual

Time lapse videos these days are increasingly becoming a mainstream activities, particularly on the social network that everyone is utilizing. In the event that you like the thought, you presumably can considered installing a third-party time lapse application on Samsung Note 8.

The good thing is that your cell phone device as of now has this filming mode. It is called Hyperlapse and all you need to do to make use of it is to initiate this mode from the Camera application settings.

Now that you have a background knowledge of Samsung Note 8, we will walk you through the straightforward step by step of turning the camera application from the default mode to the Hyperlapse mode. Before you race into turning it on just note that there is a recommending setting.

We prescribe to you that before recording in Hyperlapse to take a couple of moments and change the speed from the Auto, default setting, to one of this speeds: 32x, 16x, 8x or 4x. To arrive there you will have to:

  1. Switch-on your Samsung device
  2. Move to the Home screen
  3. Click on the Camera application
  4. Simply position the device camera in portrait mode
  5. Move to the Samsung bottom left side of the screen
  6. Tap on the option Mode
  7. Tap on Hyperlapse
  8. Tap on Select Speed and choose on the desired speed
  9. When you’re prepared, hit the Record button and begin recording the time lapse video on your cell phone device.


It is truly that easy to record time lapse video on Note 8. Disregard the third-party applications, make the best of what your camera application as of now brings to the table.

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