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Reset Password When Locked Out Of Samsung Note 10/Note 9/Note 8

If you are a new owner of a Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 or Note 10 and have forgotten your password, you may not have access to your device. If you need to reset your device password, there are multiple options for you. Many of these options will require a hard factory reset in order to reset your password on your Galaxy device. However, resetting your smartphone will erase all of your data and saved files.

If you have not backed up your device, you may need to use some of the following methods to unlock your device so that you do not lose all of your data. Below are three separate methods that will allow you to change your password without resetting your device.


Factory Reset to Reset the Password

  1. Power off your Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 or Note 10.
  2. Next, press and hold the Home, Power, and Volume up Keys at once.
  3. The Android icon will pop up, and then you can release the buttons.
  4. Select the “wipe data/factory” option. You will use your
  5. Volume controls to scroll up and down and select the option with the power button.
  6. Use the same scrolling method to select “Yes” from the list of options you will see.
  7. Now, select it with the power button once the phone restarts.
  8. You can now change your password and set up your smartphone because the device has been restarted.


You may need to view how to factory reset Galaxy Note 8, in case you need another method to reset the device. It will be beneficial to you to back up your device to erase the chance of you losing all of your important data, photos, and contacts on your Note 8, Note 9 or Note 10.


Resetting Your Password with the Samsung Find My Mobile feature

Another way to reset your password is by using the Find My Mobile App by Samsung. This app is similar to “Find My iPhone.” You can use the “remote controls” feature to be able to access your password settings and change it. You will then be able to unlock your phone from the lock screen without needing the factory reset it. You will need to use the following steps to register your Galaxy device with Samsung.

  1. You will have to register your smartphone for a Samsung account.
  2. You can open the Samsung service “Find My Mobile.”
  3. Create a temporary password, then use that password to access your phone through the lock screen.
  4. Once you have opened your device, you will need to set a new password.


Resetting your Password with the Android, Device Manager

The third option for resetting the password on your Galaxy device is by using the Android, Device Manager. Before you can use this message, however, you will need to lock the feature. Once this feature is locked, you can use it to reset the password on your Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 or Note 10 if you forget your password and are locked out of your smartphone.

  1. Using your computer, open Android Device Manager.
  2. Locate the screen on your Note 8, Note 9 or Note 10.
  3. Click “enables” beside the Lock and Erase option.
  4. The page will give you steps in order to unlock your phone.
  5. Create a temporary password.
  6. Use the temporary password to unlock your device from the lock screen.
  7. You will need to create a new password once your device is unlocked.


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