Samsung Galaxy J7: How To Connect To TV

Only those who never experienced navigating on their Galaxy J7 from the screen of the TV will tell you that this isn’t a cool feature to use! Most smartphone owners are actually thrilled by this perspective and if you didn’t have the chance, by now, to try this simple connection process, it must be either because you didn’t know you can do it or because you didn’t know how to do it.

Whatever the context, we will help you with both situations right away. In the spirit of full disclosure, you can get the same results with both a wired and a wireless connection. But we will assume that you’ve hand enough of tangled wires around the home so we will focus on the more modern option.

To mirror your Samsung Galaxy J7 content to an HDTV, through a wireless connection, you only need to follow four simple steps:


  1. Go online and buy a Samsung AllShare Hub;
  2. Connect it to the TV with a standard HDMI cable;
  3. After that, connect the Hub and the J7 to the same local Wi-Fi;
  4. Navigate to Settings and activate the Screen Mirroring option in there.


You know what’s even better? If your TV is a Smart TV, you can ditch the Allshare Hub directly! Now go on mirroring the Samsung Galaxy J7.

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