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Samsung Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1: How To Turn OFF Camera Shutter Sound

It’s not easy to have such a versatile camera like the one from the Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 and not be able to use it without drawing attention on what you’re doing. That’s right, we’re talking about the camera shutter sound, that clicking sound that makes all heads turn towards you right when you’re taking a snapshot of something or even a selfie.

In the U.S., turning off this sound is illegal, as any phone with a digital camera must make a sound when being used for photographs. This is, of course, intended to prevent people from taking photos of other people without their consent. But if you want to take a selfie in silence, you should be able to do it…


So, you’ve tried the headphones without success?

Rumor has it that if you plug the headphones into the phone, the shutter noise of the camera app should be reproduced through the headphones, thus preventing the people from the nearby to actually hear it. If you’ve tried it yourself, you’ve already discovered that it doesn’t work that way. Here’s why…

Yes, most of the sounds reproduced by your Samsung Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 will go through the headphones, as long as you have them plugged in. Yet the camera sound is nothing like most of those sounds. It is not a media audio, but a notification sound and J7, like any other smartphone, was built to reproduce all the notification sounds through the speakers, no matter what!

The device knows to make the distinction between these two and reproduces them through the headphones or through the speakers, depending on their nature.


How to actually mute the camera sound on Samsung J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1:

Now that we have established that this sound is a notification sound, it only makes sense that you will be able to shut it off just like you do with any other notification. Mute or turn down the volume of Samsung Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 and you’ll get rid of this problem.

You can either press the Volume Down key until you switch to vibrations or to mute, or you can select the mute profile from the general menu, swiping the Notification shade downwards.


The alternative to keeping the device on mute for Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1:

As long as you have deactivated the loud ring mode, your Samsung Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 will no longer generate the camera sound. What can you do if you do not appreciate the idea of constantly keeping your smartphone on mute or vibrations? You could try a third-party camera app, one that doesn’t come with this annoying feature.

You have the Google Play Store at your disposal so, go ahead and test a couple of different camera apps. You’ll find one that will make you happy without too many difficulties. When you do so, perhaps you’d like to share with us, in the comments below, your favorite way of turning off the Samsung Galaxy J7/J8/J9/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 camera shutter noise.

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