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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Note 9: How To Turn On Flashlight

Many individuals know that Samsung Note 8 and Note 9, in the same way as other different cell phones, incorporates a flashlight. In any case, nowadays we scarcely require a flashlight, which is the reason some users aren’t doing much recognizing this feature and figure out how to utilize it.

In any case, with regards to truly requiring a source of light quick, it is somewhat hard to discover the flashlight on Note 9 and Note 8 on the grounds that it isn’t in a visible spot.


If you are looking to learn how to use your Note 8 or Note 9 as a flashlight, here is what you need to do

  1. Simply access the Home screen of the gadget
  2. Swipe downwards, with two fingers, from the highest point of the screen
  3. In the broadened rundown of choices, you ought to effortlessly see the flashlight image
  4. Tap on it so the flashlight blaze will right away begin acting as a flashlight
  5. When you need to switch it off, just tap on the flashlight symbol again


As you simply found, this is just an option in the menu. On the off chance that you want to have the capacity to utilize the flashlight through device widget, you will require a third-party application for that.

We would propose in any case, that as opposed to including new applications from the Play Store, why not utilize the choices you as of now have within reach? Along these lines, what you can do now is to move the flashlight from that stretched out menu to the main row of your snappy menu, the one you access by swiping from the highest point of the screen with one finger.

To include the flashlight on the quick menu, backpedal to the extended menu (swipe with two fingers). Take a gander at the upper-right corner of the screen for a menu named as EDIT. Tap on it and look to the flashlight symbol. Tap and hold this symbol and afterward begin dragging it to the best line. Simply release it when you’re there and choose the Done button.

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, to turn on flashlight with Note 9 and Note 8 you will simply need to swipe with one finger from the highest point of the screen and then tap on the flashlight image.


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