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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Clearing History – Manual

Owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is really good. It is one of the trendy phones that are ruling the market. You may ask that what is the process to clear the browsing history of your phone it is really simple and here you are going to learn this in a short time. Just follow the basic things that are given here and it will be done.


Process of clearing history of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

At first, you have to turn the device on. Then just go to the browser of your phone. There you will find three dots; those are options key for you. You need to tap on that and you will find different things. You have to select the settings option and there you will find privacy option. You need to select the option “delete personal data”. It is the main thing. Then you have to choose which data you want to delete from.

You will be provided with a list there with browser history, site data, and cache. Then select the data you want to remove from your phone and don’t forget to avoid the password section. Once you have done this on your Galaxy Note 8 it will take a short time to finish the job.


Process of clearing history from Google Chrome on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In many of the phone, people use the app called Google Chrome. It is really easy to clear the browsing data from that also. You just need to click on the three dots there and you will find many options. There you will find ‘History’ and after taping that you will find ‘Clear Browsing Data’. Select the sections you want to clear. It is simple and quite similar.

Here you can delete site information individually. This is the only difference. It will also make your web using experience better than before.

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