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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Forgot Backup Password (Solved)

When you realize you have forgotten the backup password on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it may seem as if everything is lost. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, not when we have a couple of methods that will help you work things out. With or without a hard factory reset, being locked out of the smartphone will come to an end sooner than you thought. Here are the top three methods that will help get things solved!


Get ready for the Android Device Manager

This solution comes from Google and it is a feature active by default on most smartphones. As long as it is also active on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can access the Android Device Manager from the internet browser of a PC. Use your credentials to log in and, from there, rely on the Lock & Erase feature. This option will give you a couple of steps to follow and, by the end of the process, it will help you set up a new, temporary password.

After you’ve created the new password on the computer, you can use the locked smartphone and unlock it. Of course, since it’s a temporary password that gave you the access, you will have to create a new, permanent password, from your smartphone, as fast as you can!


Alternatively, consider the Samsung Find My Mobile option

If the Android Device Manager is a service of Google, the Find My Mobile is a service of Samsung. Assuming you have registered your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Samsung, you should be able to use the Remote Controls option without any complications.

This option will allow you, just like the one above mentioned, to set up a new, temporary password and use it to bypass the currently locked screen. It goes without saying that the first thing you must do after you regain the access to the smartphone is to change its password into a permanent one.


When nothing works for you, try to factory reset the Samsung Note 8

Usually, whenever we recommend the factory reset to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 user, we insist on creating a backup of all the important files – from Settings, Backup & Reset and with the 16GB of cloud space from the Google Drive. Of course, when you’re locked out, you cannot do that, so, you might have to accept the fact that you will lose whatever you didn’t recently back up. Still, when this is the only option left, learn how to factory reset a Galaxy Note 8 and do it to solve the problem of being locked out!

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