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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Freezing And Crashing – Fixed

Samsung is one of the renowned and most popular brands in the world. The Galaxy Note 8 is a great invention of the time. Many users have reported a problem related to crashing and freezing of it. In this section, you will find the solution related to it.

There may be many reasons but for the solution, you need to have a better version of the mobile. Just update the phone and you are ready. The software update is necessary for a better experience. If you don’t find any change regarding app crashing then you need to follow the following steps to get a better result.


Delete bad apps to fix crashing problem

It is a major issue regarding the phone. There are many third party apps that are downloaded by the users without checking the reviews of them. If the review states the same problem then you need to leave that application. It is not company’s job to rectify the problem. That is why you need to weight for a better development that can give you optimum performance. That is why find the app that is causing problems like these and deletes it completely.


Do factory reset 

If you don’t find any solution from the above action then you have to go for the factory reset. It is important for you to know that you will not have any saved data and the apps you have updated will be lost. The benefit is you will have a phone in its unboxed condition. Before you opt for this make sure that you have a good back up.


Memory issues

It is seen that those apps that are not being used properly are showing these problems. It is a result of memory glitch. This is not good if you want to have a better experience than ever. By the following sets, you can find a cure.

  1. Just touch the apps from home screen.
  2. Then go for the management application option.
  3. There you need to touch the one that keeps crashing.
  4. Just clear the data and cache of it.


Lack of memory issue

This is something different and related to your mobile’s memory. To perform well an app needs to have a specific level of memory. If that is not present then it will misbehave. Just get rid of the unnecessary applications and delete the unimportant document. In this way, the internal memory will be free and you can see the change.


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