Samsung Galaxy Note 8: How to Clear Cache

When the Android operating system seems problematic, simple troubleshooting methods can be used to fix the Samsung Note 8. Wiping out cache or a complete factory reset can be effective but clearing the cache is recommended when your phone has glitches, delays or freezes. Here is how you can go about it,


How to clear the app cache on the Samsung Note 8

If it’s a particular app causing problems, the best thing to do is to clear the app cache using the following instructions;

  1. Switch on the Galaxy Note 8.
  2. Locate settings and go to App Manager.
  3. The app in question will be on display with the rest, select it and look for the app info screen then clear cache.
  4. For all apps, go to settings and select storage. Locate Cached Data to wipe all app caches at the same time.


Clearing caches wipes out all the information the app stores including your username, game progress, passwords, settings and preferences among others. Our advice is to have a memory of relevant data safely stored somewhere else especially if you still need to continue using the apps in question.


What to do when clearing the app cache doesn’t help

If the problem does not disappear after clearing caches of individual apps, uninstall the app and reboot the system. Remember to back up your data before rebooting and if the problem still exists, it’s recommended that you clear the cache partition or perform a system cache wipe.


How to clear the system cache on the Samsung Note 8:

  1. Switch off the Samsung Galaxy Note &.
  2. Place your fingers on the Volume Up, Power, and Home Press and hold them at the same time until the Samsung icon appears.
  3. Let go of the power button and do it without releasing the other buttons.
  4. Holding this position, use the volume buttons to navigate downwards and select wipe cache partition with the power
  5. Scroll down to Yes and select it using the power
  6. Reboot system now option will be visible so press the power button for the process to begin.
  7. The process will only take a few minute where your Note 8 will be revived with a cleared system cache.



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