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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: How To Factory Reset Device

A factory reset is like a fresh start for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, regardless of the reasons that made you resort to it. As the name suggests, the process implies erasing absolutely everything and starting with the configuration of the device all over again. Depending on what you have stored on it, you might want to do it just like that, without any other preparation, or only after you have backed up your files.

The good news is that backing up your files is easy – you have a special Backup & Reset menu under the General Settings. And you also have 16GB of space in the cloud, for such kind of Google Drive storage. Now that you know the basics, let us show you the exact steps that need to be followed.


Note 8 factory reset method #1 – from the Settings:

  1. Unlock the device and swipe down the Menu from the top of the screen;
  2. Open the Settings section;
  3. Go to User and Backup;
  4. Select Backup and Reset;
  5. Select Factory Data Reset;
  6. Select Reset Device (only after you have backed up your data);
  7. Select Delete all;
  8. Wait until it finishes;
  9. Reboot the device in the end.


Note 8 factory reset method #2 – from the hardware keys:

  1. When the touchscreen is unresponsive, use the power button to turn it off;
  2. Then, tap and hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons, followed right away by the Power button;
  3. Hold all these three keys until you see the Android icon on the screen;
  4. That will be the telltale that you’re now in the Recovery Mode, where the touchscreen isn’t working and you can only navigate around through the hardware keys;
  5. Use the Volume Down key to make it to the option listed as Wipe Data / Factory Reset;
  6. Select it with one tap on the Power button;
  7. Highlight the option labeled as “Yes – Delete all user data”;
  8. Use the Power button one more time to confirm the action;
  9. When the device finishes the factory reset, use the same keys to activate the option labeled as Reboot System Now.


Whatever option you have used from the two presented above, it shouldn’t be too difficult to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And now you know how to do it!

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