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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Overheating: How To Fix This Problem

According to several reports, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have frequently complained about the device overheating after using it for a few hours. The same case applies to when it’s left in the heat for too long. However, we have a guide on how to fix this issue.


How to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 overheating problem with these solutions:

  • A few things could make the Note 8 overheat and there is a good chance that a third-party app is causing it. To verify this, press the Power Touch and hold the Power off until the Reboot to Safe Mode appears then restart. On the lower left corner, it should state Safe Mode and if the issue disappears, overheating was as a result of a third-party app. Find the app and uninstall or simply do a Factory reset.


  • An important thing you should remember before you decide to factory restore your Note 8; wipe the cache section of the smartphone (Learn how to clear the Samsung Note 8 cache). Turn the device off then press and hold the Power, Volume up and the Home buttons at the same time. Wait for the Samsung icon to appear with a blue text at the top and let go. The volume buttons will help you navigate the Recovery menu and select wipe cache with the power button.
  • Afterwards, select Reboot system now with the power button and wait for the phone to restart. For further advice, try Vitamins for Samsung Mobile app and see whether you could gather more help.

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