Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Turn Safe Mode ON And OFF

The Samsung galaxy Note 8 comes with the feature of safe mode that create a platform to troubleshoot problem and access the device in case issues arises. Another key function of safe mode is to access apps that might be proving difficult to access. And also uninstall that app and remove bugs safely. The following below will direct you on how to get to a “safe mode”


How to turn on Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Switch off the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device.
  2. Press the power on/off button to reboot the device.
  3. Immediately the device comes on and it displays the Samsung start logo, hold the volume quieter button.
  4. Keep it pressed until the phone finishes rebooting
  5. After loading successfully, a “Safe Mode” will display on screen
  6. Let go of the Volume Down button
  7. In order to exit safe Mode, simply press the Lock key/power button and then touch Restart


When you are in the safe mode state, any third party service connected to the device will be automatically disable. This mode is very safe to enable or disable anything you need in your phone to work properly, and thereafter you can reboot the device


How to get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 out of safe mode:

  • Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it will start normal Android startup
  • Enter recovery mode


If you carefully follow the procedure above on how to get into the safe mode and get out of the safe mode, you should be certain that all issues related to device rebooting due to install app will be taken care of


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