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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Data Usage

If you have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus then may be curious how you can track and check your data usage so that you can resist going past your carrier limits, turn data limits on so that you do not go over and pay some large overage fees, and set warnings

The only way you have unlimited data plans now are that you still have them from a long time ago since it is very uncommon to have unlimited data plans now. A lot of users now have tiered data plans and have caps of data after a specific amount of data such as 2GB. We will show you how you can look at your data usage on your Galaxy S8.

You should know before hand that some Android smartphones have slightly varied data usage meter since the carriers said that it may vary. This means that there is not only one-way to look at the data usage on your Galaxy S8 or other Android smartphones. However, the numbers that you will see usually are accurate so you do not need to be concerned about going over your data limit.

It is very easy to check the data usage on your Android and it also very easy to do this on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. In the settings menu, there is a reminder that tells you about your data usage and the limit you set will not allow you to use anymore-mobile data if you reach the amount that you set.

You can change devices on your data usage cycle by looking at the data usage and then settings data restrictions and warnings. You can then look at the info that you put.

More information for alerts and data usage

  1. Click on Apps that is at the bottom right of your Home screen. You must only put these steps on for Standard Mode.
  2. Click onSettings.
  3. Click onData usage.


Change in Cycle for Data Usage

  1. Click on the Dropdown menu that is on the field for Data usage cycle field.
  2. Click on Change Cycle
  3. Click on Set and choose the data that is appropriate.


Data Limit Set for Mobile

When you reach the limit that you set for data usage, you will not longer be able to use mobile data, as it will be disabled. You must enable your mobile data manually or turn on the Wi-Fi connection so that you can use apps that are depended on data connection.

  1. You can turn off or on the Limit mobile data usage switch by clicking on it.
  2. Click on OK if you see the screen for Data usage limit and look at the message.
  3. On the other side of the orange line, click the number.
  4. Click on Set after you have put in the data usage limit that you prefer.


Data Warning Mobile Set

You will see a black warning line show up that brings up a notification message once you have set the data usage that you specified.

  1. You can turn off or on by clicking the “Alert me about data usage switch”
  2. You can click on Ok once you have seen the alert for Data usage.
  3. Click on the number that is on the other side of the black line.
  4. Click on Set once you have put in the warning limit that you want.


App to View Data Usage

  1. Click on an app in the section for By application.
  2. You can take a look at the usage information.


App to Restrict Data Usage

Background data is used for some apps that need it in use so that it can work in the future. If you do not have Wi-Fi connection available then having background data restricted might not help you problem.

  1. You can click on an app in the section of By application.
  2. Turn off and on theRestrict background data switch by clicking on it.
  3. You can click OK if you see a message show up.


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