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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Double Tap Feature

The features of Double Tap to Wake and Double Tap to Sleep have been favorites of people who own Android smartphones recently since they were initially put on the LG devices. The features let your smartphone recognize when you touch the screen repeatedly such as when you click twice it will turn your device to wake or sleep mode.

You are able to use this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus by using the Double Tap to Sleep feature even though Samsung put their attention to making the “Always on Display” feature on the Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

You can use third-party apps or a custom launcher in order to use this feature on your smartphone, but we will show you how you can use it by using the Nova Launcher app. You will need to initially pay to use the Nova Launcher Prime so that you can enable the feature since it will unlock some premium features that you may be interested in such as gestures.


Enabling Double Tap to Sleep on your Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. Have the Nova Launcher App downloaded by looking at this;
  2. You can get the Nova Launcher Prime App by looking here;
  3. Navigate to the Settings app on the Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone.
  4. Click on the Application option after you find it.
  5. Click on Default Application.
  6. You will then be able to choose the Home Screen Option.
  7. You must then click the Nova Launcher option so it will be the Default Launcher. This will make your Galaxy S8+ Plus use the launcher automatically.
  8. Click on the Home Button.
  9. Click and hold an empty spot of your home screen.
  10. Click the option for the Settings.
  11. Immediately click the Gestures and Inputs options.
  12. Click on the Double Tap option by scrolling down.
  13. Then, click on the option for the Screen option.
  14. Click on the Home Button.
  15. Then click on a spot that is empty on the Home screen twice.
  16. Click the button to enable it.
  17. Click on the Activate button that is at the right side on the bottom.


You can use a variety of apps that you can use to Wakeup & Sleep Function by double tapping on your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. Once you double click on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus and your screen will turn back on after it has powered off. You can also wake up your phone from sleep mode by clicking the screen twice.


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