Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Disable NFC

The Galaxy S8 smartphone is a very unique device that you can use. But, the TouchWiz feature is bit bloated and we can imagine that you did not plan for that to be the case. The skinny Samsung version of the Android can be a little bit excessive for some people and we cannot blame you.

If you simply just glance to the top of your screen, you will notice that there are lot of unnecessary indicators and icons that are on your status bar. This will mean that there is not much room for you to take a look at notification icons. You can actually clean the status bar up by choosing to turn the Galaxy S8 NFC off and then things will improve. You do not have to root your device to accomplish this. You can also use this method if you are absolutely sure that it is the one for you. If you are unfamiliar will NFC or Near Field Communication, it’s a wireless connection that transfers different information from and to the Galaxy S8 device. You can do so many things with the NFC reader or NFC tag such as connecting to a web page, call a cell number, or just be able to pay for your groceries.

You can use the feature and it can be useful, but if you feel that you it is not for you because you do not use it that often, there is no point to have NFC. If this is you, you may be curious how you can turn NFC off so that there is more space in the status bar.


Turning off the Galaxy S8 NFC:

  1. Go the Galaxy S8 setting menu to start.
  2. Next, you must scroll down a little bit and click on the payments entry and NFC.
  3. Next, click on NFC.
  4. Once there, you must have the switch toggles towards the top of your screen to “Off”.
  5. Keep in mind the certain carriers, like Sprint, do not show the icon even if you have NFC turned off or on.


If you decide to change this, you will notice that the status bar will have a lot of fewer things in it than it did before. Has the problem gotten better now? Tell us in the comment sections whether you issue has been fixed below.


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