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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Fix Soft-Bricked Phone

Even if the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is very strong, there will always be accidents that occur with it. You may have expected a bit more from the device but when you try to use it for certain things, the device ends of bricked and you are not able to actually use it properly.

You do not have to get your device serviced but instead you repair the soft brick problems. It is recommended to really read the guide below in order to learn how you can solve the problem that is occurring on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

It has become very common for simple incidences to occur on Android devices and the Galaxy S8 Plus is one of the devices. You can do things in order to bring back a soft bricked Galaxy S8 Plus since it is simply halfway dead. Sometimes, a custom ROM could fail while sometimes it could be when a customized ROM firmware could have been added like Paranoid Android, or CyanogenMod. It could also occur when you try to flash the custom kernel, having a malware in the device, or rebooting your device.

Just in case, you will have the opportunity to change things back to the way they were. But, you should know what the difference between hard bricked and soft bricked Samsung Galaxy S8. It is actually pretty simple. You can tell if the device is hard bricked based on if the device doesn’t turn on when you try to use it or the computer does not know what it is. But, a soft bricked smartphone is only partially dead.

You do not need to be worried about your device as you can fix them. The troubleshoot methods are highly recommended when you want to solve the bricked device.


Repairing the Soft bricked Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:

Hard Reset Method
A factory reset, or also known as a hard reset, will erase all of the information on the device and have it back to the way they were when you took it out the box. You should try to do a hard reset if you want to begin from the start. Remember to backup your data so that no data will be lost. Hopefully you should try to fix your brick in a quick time.

For more information that has to do with this process, take a look at this specific guide.


Clearing Data Cache for App
Your device will not boot in your home screen if you have a flashed ROM. This is most likely data forgot to get cleared or the cache forgot to get cleared. ROM is being booted from the handset but there might be a little data that is leftover from the previous ROM that is causing the issues. You should do this:

  1. Make sure the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is turned off.
  2. Click and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power button simultaneously once the process is done.
  3. You will see recovery mode on the Galaxy S8 Plus device.
  4. Choose clear cache partition
  5. You can pick advance and choose to clear dalvik cache option too.
  6. Return to your main menu once that is done.
  7. When everything is done, choose reboot system.


Installing Stock Firmware for the Galaxy S8 Plus Firmware with ODIN
Having the Android firmware reinstalled or going back to stock will most likely have the device go back to the previous state and it will put the problems you were having before. Problems that you are having such as malware, bad apps, or unresponsive processes could be the problems that you are concerned about can be removed.

There are a lot of ways that you can solve the Android smartphone back to the way it was.

Do you notice any results once you have applied the instruction above? We hope that the steps above were able to aid in fixing the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. If you have a bricked Samsung Galaxy S8, the option you can take is to take to you carrier store and hopefully they can fix it. The problems of installing specific apps or rooting but keep you head up. It is rare to brick your device and it is important to try different things in life.


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