Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Free Storage

Samsung has recently come out with fantastic technology such as the latest flagship devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. However, you might need some more space and we can show you how. Take a look at the guide below to find out the options you have.


Uninstallation of unneeded apps

If you not see yourself using certain apps anytime soon, you should just uninstall them. This is because apps that are large such as games take up a lot of space so you do a little cleaning every once in awhile. You can go to Settings, and then go to Apps. You will then be able to see which apps take up the most apps. You will always be able to reinstall apps at another time once you have uninstalled (you also do not need to pay for the apps that you already paid for on your Play Store).


Copying media files to your computer

Media files such as photos, music, and videos can take up a lot of storage on your device. You can lose a lot of space if you take a lot of videos and photo on your smartphone. It is recommended for you to copy the videos and photos on your phone’s memory and Camera folders and DCIM, to your computer.

You can do this by connecting your computer to a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus using a micro USB cable. You can then delete all the files that you had on the smartphone once they have been copied to the computer successfully.

Note: You will need to have the Android File Transfer app installed first if you are using a Mac.

Programs that are on Mac, Linux, and Windows usually automate the process for you by having new media files copied when they have been connected. Apps that do this are Dropbox, Windows Photo Viewer, Adobe Lightroom, and iPhoto.


Copying media files to your cloud storage provider

You have the option to use Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Photos so you can upload your media onto these storage services. You can download the app you want on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus and read the instructions so that you can turn automatic camera uploads on. You can then delete the videos and photos you have on you device once they are done being uploaded.


Using apps for music streaming

It is a good alternative to use a streaming service if you happen to have your music take up a lot of space. A service that is useful is Spotify since it is one of the most popular apps that you have to pay for.

You can also use services that are free such as Google Music that will put your music on your PC by uploading it to online servers. You will not need to have all your music on your phone but it does take up more data. You can personally put on albums, playlists, and songs manually. You can get more space on your phone by deleting the music on your phone once the streaming service has been set up.


Clearing the downloads folder

You can use another great option to increase space by deleting items in the Downloads Folder. The Downloads Folder has a lot of things such as images, app APKs, PDFs, and other files. The Downloads app that is built-in can help you see what files you can delete. You can also have your computer connected to your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus and delete the files.


Do a factory reset

If you feel that you are all out of options, you can factory reset your device. When you do a factory reset, you will wipe all of the data on it but also get more space. You can open the Settings, then look in the search box for factory data reset mode that is at the top right corner. Choose the option that is relevant and reset the device once you have read the warning. You should be prepared to lose are your information so make sure you back up your information.


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