Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Hide App Drawer And Display All The Apps On Home Screen

The question to answer is how do we do it? How do we hide the app drawer and display all the applications in the home screen? Here is a step by step guideline on how to do exactly that.

Open on the phone Settings- you can open the Settings icon from the app drawer or simply swipe down on the Home screen and on the notifications bar, press on Settings

Browse for “Advanced features” and hit on it

On the Advanced features menu, browse for Galaxy Labs

Here, you get an option of trying out the latest experimental functionalities. Just press on “Start”

On the following page, you will get 2 options. For our case, choose to enable the “show all apps on Home screen” option- this option comes disabled by default and therefore, you need to enable it first. When you enable this option, it will automatically place all apps on the Home screen and at the same time hide the app drawer.

Just before the feature goes active, you will receive a warning message. Press Ok to proceed.

With the whole step all but complete, you can enjoy your Galaxy S8 new look by simply hitting the Home button.

This feature is indeed something to look out for and quite worth the try. However, not every carrier supports it. If you can’t locate Galaxy Labs in the Advanced Features page, then it simply means that your carrier doesn’t support it and therefore you can’t enable it.

Once this feature is enabled, an extra panel screen will be added automatically to house all the applications on your Home screen. As for the widget, you will have to re-add it as the one you added to the Home screen on your previous activation of the feature was deleted.

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