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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Improve Battery Life

Some of the best smartphones in the world are the Samsung smartphones. If you have one of these Samsung Galaxy S8s, then you should be enjoying the great features and outstanding performance that the device has. However, you may be having some problems with the battery life of your device and have to charge your device more that you though would need to. We are going to show you how you can increase the battery life of your phone and make the battery last longer after your charging times.


Possibilities of improving your battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Remove the apps that are not in use

Once you have bought your phone, you will most likely download a lot of apps from your Play Store. I can bet that you have a lot of apps that you do not use and you need to remove a lot of them. You can click on the Apps and then Edits starting from your Home Screen. You can then click the “-“ that is right beside the apps. You will see a message show up on your screen. You can click the Uninstall option to confirm that you want to remove it.


Uninstall Messenger apps and Facebook

These days it is really hard to imagine the life without Facebook and Messenger, but if you want your battery to last longer, you should remove these two apps. Take some time to think about it because taking a look at Facebook is always possible through the website. These two apps take up a lot of battery so if you just adapt your uses a little bit, you will make a big difference.


Turn off apps that are pre-installed

There are a variety of apps that are pre-installed on basically all smartphones and they are eating up the battery even when they are not in use since they are still in the background. Unfortunately, you cannot uninstall these app but you are able to turn them off.


Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data when you do not need them

These services do not need to be use all day. It is recommended to turn off these services when you are not using them. Doing so will only take a couple of seconds and a few click and the battery will be a lot better.


Turn off Automatic brightness

A lot of smartphones use up a lot of battery by the brightness is high on your display and when you have turned on the option for automatic brightness, your battery will run out a lot quicker. You can turn the option off or lower the level of the brightness a little bit. This action is small but it will make a big impact on your battery life so you do not need to have your phone charged constantly. Navigate to the Settings, click the Display, turn Automatic brightness off and then manually set level of brightness.


Use Power Saving Mode when you need to

A majority of smartphones have Power Saving Mode that is not something to be surprised about since battery life is a big issue. Whenever you want, you can turn Power Saving Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8. This will let you use the smartphone for a little bit longer while you are not charging it. You will have a coupled of options: Ultra Power Saving Mode and Power Saving Mode. The initial option will not make that big of an impact on your smartphone to increase the battery for 10%. However, Ultra Power Saving Mode allows you to increase the battery life, and the apps and other services will disable once as it turns on.

Try some easy steps that may make a difference instantly.


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