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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Turn ON Condensed Display Mode

You may own the Samsung Galaxy and you are unaware of the mode for your device like the condensed display mode. A member of XDA was able to discover the option for DPI scaling that is called condensed display mode that lets you see more things on your screen.

To be more specific, your Galaxy S8 screen will have the density changed such as more images, texts, icons, and others. This is actually a type of DPA scaling on the Android that means the amount of information on your device. Since the smartphone has such a large screen, you should definitely take advantage of the extra space.

You can actually choose the Zoomed mode that allows things to be seen better since they are bigger, or Standard mode that lets UI elements be compacted so more things can be added to your screen while using the iOS software from Apple. But, you will also get these same functions to the new device since Android has made some big changes at this time.

Take a look at the steps below in order to learn how you can turn the mode of hidden condensed display on the Galaxy S8 so that your screen will be shrunken down so more things can be fit.


Learning how to have Condensed Display Mode enabled on the Galaxy S8:

  1. Navigate to your Google Play Store and make sure to download the Nova Launcher and use the link to do this.
  2. Have the Nova Launcher launched.
  3. Click and hold your home screen.
  4. Choose the Widgets.
  5. You must then find the widget for Activities.
  6. You must then put the Activities widgets on your home screen.
  7. The settings folder will then pop up. Choose the “Display Scaling Activity” from the list, which will make a new shortcut for your home screen.
  8. Do not wait to click on the shortcut that you just created.
  9. You will then see option to go to Condensed or Standard immediately. You can then choose the Condensed display feature.
  10. Do not forget to reboot the device.


You know have turned the secret feature on and you are able to make it bigger and better for the screen on the Galaxy S8. Using this feature, you will be able to see a lot more things on your screen such as texts, controls, and icons.


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