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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Use Game Tools

Many owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus, will have bought this particular smartphone for its gaming capabilities.

There are features that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus present that are specially designed to aid the gaming experience. Here we go over what some of these gaming tools have to offer, and how best to take advantage of their unique functionalities.


What are Game Tools and Game Launcher?

Once the gaming tools feature is active, a window will follow you around on the display and provide you instant access to the kind of abilities you might find handy during play. These tools include, disabling pesky notifications that can distract you from play, locking the keys at the bottom of the phone that control recent apps and the back button, as well as a quick minimize screen button.

You can also use screenshot and record via this floating menu. Screenshot lets you take a snap shot photo of your current screen content. Snap a fine move or comic moment to send to your friends. Record lets you take a short video of your gaming. Either of these features will be really appreciated by gamers that like to share their gaming moment with friends via social media.

Game launcher is an app that keeps all of your game apps in one easy to find and access location. It allows you to access the Game Tools icon without having to leave the game to enter settings. You can use this Game Launcher to run games on mute if you are in a situation that requires silence as well as other functions, like quickly turning on power saver mode when the battery life is running low.


How to turn on Game Mode and Game Launcher

Game Mode and Game Launcher are not available right away. You have to go into the settings of the phone and enable them. Follow these step-by-step instructions to do this.

  1. First, go to Settings. Do this by dragging the notification bar down, then tapping the settings cog.
  2. Scroll down.
  3. Search for and find the Advanced Features
  4. Touch Games.
  5. By tapping Game Mode or Game Launcher, you will have access to more information about either app.
  6. Select the option to turn Game Mode on.


How to use Game Tools

At this point you have Game Tools turned on and you’re ready to dive into some gaming action. When you open a game, you’ll see a red floating button on the display. This red button will open the Game Tool menu. You can grab and drag it to any location on the screen that suits you.

Give the button a tap to bring up the menu. Here you’ll find the array of tools that can come in handy while you play. There are options to turn off redundant buttons, as well as the ability to screenshot and take video.

It can be especially vital to turn the bottom keys off while playing games that are best displayed in horizontal orientation. After all, your hands will effectively be placed at the side of the screen holding it in place. This is where the buttons are. Many users that don’t know of the Game tools menu will becomes increasingly frustrated by the constant accidental button skimming. This can be particularly harmful when playing competitive games within online arenas. The game won’t be paused if you accidentally revert to the home screen while in the middle of a game. An occurrence that can cost you big time!

Do away with this threat and make full use of the Game tools options to counteract such turmoil.


Options Within Recording

There are a whole host of options available to you if you decide to take a recording. Hit Settings before you record to alter the way you wish to use this function. These options won’t all be available during gameplay, so it can be much smoother to configure the setting before getting into the action.

You can record sound only; this is useful if you want to make snippets of game audio for various media. Pressing the record option in this case will enable the soundtrack, sound effect and voices from within game to save on the file, without visuals.

You can add an avatar to your videos for graphical and animation benefits. You will have to select the avatar you want before recording. It will help if you want your video to feature a window showing your actual face as you play for example.

It is also possible to have the microphone record your voice while you play. This is vital for voice-overs and “let’s play” style recordings. The audio created by the game will be dampened, and your voice will be the dominant feature while you record.

There are many more options you can tweak to make you recordings capture exactly what you are looking for. It is even possible to dictate the resolution of your recording at the time it is captured. This is beneficial for a whole host of reasons. The lower the resolution the smaller the file size. The lowest resolution videos will upload fastest. This can be essential if your aim is to create really long periods of recording, or want to be able to finish the uploading process as sharply as possible.

The main issue will low resolution will be if you want your videos to display on a larger screen. The larger the screen the better the resolution needs to be. So if you plan on showing your recordings on a computer, projector or other larger surface area device, it’s best to at least select a medium resolution level to ensure the visual quality is not to low.


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