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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: How To Use Quick Connect

The Quick Connect is a Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus dedicated feature. For most smartphone users, whatever option contains the “quick” word in its name is highly desirable. We all want things to move faster and it is completely understandable. But somehow, the Quick Connect feature is not nearly as popular or intensively used as it should be.

That’s probably because not too many users have heard of it or have taken the time to know it better. If they did, it would have been a huge success by now. That’s because the Quick Connect feature was particularly designed to facilitate a rapid connection of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ with another device, as long as it is compatible with the Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, or other protocols alike. Who wouldn’t love this type of connection?

Now that you’ve come to understand what it is all about, you must be curious when would it be the best moment to use the Quick Connect, right? Well, let us put it this way – whether it’s the Chromecast, a smart TV, some set top boxes or the Xbox One, the Samsung Galaxy S8, just like Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus, should be able to connect with the other device via Wi-Fi and display all kinds of files and formats – photographs, audio files, video files and so on.

At this point, there’s one more thing sitting in the way of your Samsung Quick Connect happiness…


The simple steps to activating the Samsung Quick Connect feature:

  1. You can do it from the Notification shade:
    • Go to the Home screen;
    • Swipe downwards with two fingers:
    • Identify the Quick Connect button;
    • Tap on it.
  2. You can do it from the Edit options:
    • Go to the Home screen;
    • Swipe downwards with one finger;
    • Tap on the Edit icon;
    • Identify the Quick Connect button and select it.
  3. You can do it from the Share menu;
    • Navigate to the file you want to display through the Quick Connect;
    • Tap on it to open it;
    • Access the Share Menu for that file;
    • Select the Quick Connect option.


Now, go ahead and try what you just learned about your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Let us know how it worked for you!


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