Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Incognito Mode

Are you the type of user who sticks black adhesive paper on the camera lens to prevent being spied? Can’t stand the thought that someone could be sniffing through or just taking a peek at everything you’ve been researching and accessing online? Privacy is your issue and the Incognito Mode is your solution.

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone or, just as well, a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone, we’ll show you how to tackle this sensitive matter not only on your Google Chrome browser but also on other third-party internet browsers.


First, what is the Incognito Mode?

This is a special navigation mode that blocks the browser from storing any of your viewing history or search queries. On top of all that, it will also remove the feature of memorizing passwords or any login credentials whatsoever.

In a nutshell, using the Incognito Mode is like using a killswitch. The browser gets the message not to memorize any of your actions during that session. Everything is shut down, except for the cookies that will be collected as normally.


How to turn on the Incognito Mode on your Google Browser?

  1. Launch the internet browser just like you usually do;
  2. Access its menu, from the upper right corner;
  3. After tapping on the 3-dot icon, you’ll see a New Incognito Tab option;
  4. Tap on it and your browser will switch to an all-black screen with the Incognito Message in its center.


You can now start navigating without worries.


If you want an Incognito Mode alternative to Google Chrome…

  • Use a third-party browser – Dolphin Zero is a great option and the Opera Browser comes with its own browser-wide privacy mode that users enable whenever they see fit;
  • Launch the Play Store and browse for internet browsers – feel free to test some of the best-rated options in there!


Let us know in the comments below if there’s any other way we can help you to navigate incognito from your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus!


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