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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: Manage Text Messages On Sim Card

Your SIM card can hold a small number of texts. This can be useful for when you need to move your SIM card to a new phone but would like to hold onto some text messages. Unfortunately, the number of text messages the SIM Card can hold is very limited. In this guide we’ll help you to manage the saved text messages currently on your SIM.

Whether you’re moving from an old handset to the Samsung Galaxy S8, or you’re moving from the Galaxy S8 to a new handset, this guide will help you to manage your SIM card messages.

Please note that this guide will be performed on the Galaxy S8, so make sure your SIM card is inserted in the S8. After that, follow the steps provided below.


How To Manage Text Messages On Sim Card In Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. Press the home button on your Samsung Galaxy S8. Next, open the app menu and then tap settings.
  2. Scroll down to “Applications.”
  3. Tap to open Applications, then find the “Messages” app.
  4. Tap to open the Messages app. Next, tap Further settings –> text messages –> Manage messages on SIM card
  5. On the following page you’ll be able to view all of the saved SMS messages currently on your SIM card.
  6. You can read the messages, copy them, or delete them from your SIM card.


We hope this guide has helped you to find and manage your saved SIM card messages.

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