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Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus: Sync Google Contacts – Guide

Synchronizing the Google Contacts on any device that supports a Google account is one of the best inventions of the Android devices. We work with so many different smart devices that it would be a torture having to manually adjust contacts and information or constantly copying things from one phone to one tablet or any other device. Memorizing all the numbers that you need is also out of the question so, what would you do without this option to sync contacts?

In today’s article, we will show you how to use it. While there is more than one way to do this, we will focus on the simplest and most common scenario. Almost any Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus user out there has a Gmail account. Gmail is a service powered by Google, which means that when we talk about syncing your Google contacts, we might as well say syncing your Gmail contacts from one device to another.


The direct syncing method, that doesn’t involve installing any third-party app, will only require you to take the following steps:

  1. Access the general Menu of your Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus;
  2. Tap on the small gear icon from the upper right corner, to open the Settings submenu;
  3. Navigate to the Accounts section of the Settings;
  4. From the list of accounts registered on the device, select the Google account;
  5. If you don’t have it listed in there, you must first add it by using the Add button and following the prompts – you will mostly have to type in your username and password or create them on the spot, if you’ve never had a Google account on the Galaxy S8 before;
  6. You will be redirected to all the options of your newly accessed account, where Gmail, Google Fit, People, App data, Contacts, and other entries are listed;
  7. Select the service you want to sync with, in this case, the Gmail account.


It might take a while for your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus to sync and bring from the cloud all the contacts you have stored on your Gmail account. When it finishes, you will notice that the agenda of the device was populated with all the contacts that you needed and that you had stored on the tablet or the other gadget where you last synced the Gmail account.


From now on, you can repeat these steps on any other device – go to Settings, Accounts, select your desired account, log in, and sync.


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