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Samsung Galaxy S8 Front Camera Defect – Solution

Does your Samsung Galaxy S8 front camera have a defect? A brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 should be able to take high quality images with it’s 5 megapixel front camera, but if you’re having problems with it, it may have a software or hardware defect.

If when you change to the front facing camera in the camera app you see no feed from your camera, there may be a software error or hardware problem with your camera. The only way to test whether your front facing camera is faulty is to use a secret test menu. To activate this test menu follow the steps below.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Front Camera Defect – Solution

  1. Open the apps menu, then open the Samsung phone app.
  2. Open the dialer and type #0*#, then press the call button.
  3. By doing this, the secret test menu will appear. You’ll see a variety of different gray options to choose from.
  4. You’ll need to tap the tile for the front cam. By doing this, your front camera will be tested. If the front camera works in this mode, this means your camera is fine but your camera app is broken.
  5. You can download an alternative camera app in the Google Play Store.


If in the test there is no live feed of your front facing camera, it means your smartphone camera has been broken. You’ll need to get it fixed by Samsung or a qualified technician

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