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Samsung Galaxy S8 Gets Extremely Hot – Causes And Solutions

We’ve all seen electronic devices becoming warm and then even a bit hot after prolonged use. Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 can experience the same problem. Nevertheless, if you’re reading this, you must be concerned. You didn’t start surfing the web and asking around why does my smartphone gets hot just because you’ve intensively used it for too many hours. Or because you let it sit in the sun or next to any other heat source.

So, you’re here because your Samsung Galaxy S8 gets extremely hot and you cannot seem to identify the cause. You probably don’t even know what to do to cool it down faster. And here are our suggestions for this particular, hot problem of yours:

The overheating could be caused by a third-party application that doesn’t work properly. You can check this by holding the Power button until the Reboot to Safe Mode shows on the screen. Then you tap on the Restart option and wait for the device to boot into Safe Mode. You’ll know it when you’ll see the Safe Mode text written at the lower left corner of the display.


Check out this guide on how to get in and out of Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S8.


Noteif the device cools down while you’re in this running mode, you can assume that, indeed, it’s a third-party app to blame. Try uninstalling them one by one and doing repeated tests. If you lose your patience, back up everything and head for a factory reset. You’ll start from scratch, but it should take less and be less annoying.

The overheating could also be caused by a cache problem. If you wipe the cache partition of the device, you can test this theory – for more details on how to do it, check out this guide on how to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy S8.


Simply put, you need to press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons, all at the same time. When the Samsung Logo pops on the screen and it has a recovery text written in blue, on top of it, let go of the buttons. You’re now in the Recovery Mode and you can explore the options with the Volume Down button. Initiate whatever action you have selected with the Power button. Use these two keys to find and initiate the Wipe Cache Partition option. Then again, to restart the device from the Reboot System Now option.


Noteit is best to do the wipe cache partition before the factory reset. That’s because it can work on your heating problem all by itself, so you might be able to avoid the reset after all.


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