Samsung Galaxy Note 8: How To Hard Reset Device

The hard reset is common practice among Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users who cannot find a solution for various problems. That’s because the process is meant to bring the device to its factory settings, which means that unless there is a more serious hardware problem, the simple hard reset would make it go away. The problem is that it does so by removing absolutely any data and setting from the device.

When you want to do so, you must first go to Settings, and then to Backup & Reset. Do that and even use a special service to back up all the other apps and services. Of course, you can only do this when the device is responsive and you can use its menus to get to the backup part. Below, we will show you two different ways to initiate the hard reset, depending on whether the device is still responsive or not.


When the screen is responsive, do the Galaxy Note 8 hard reset from its menus:

  1. Unlock the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8;
  2. Go to the Home Screen main panel;
  3. Access the Menu;
  4. Head to the Settings section;
  5. Select the Backup & Reset;
  6. Select Reset device;
  7. Select Erase Everything, as a final confirmation;
  8. Wait for the hard reset to perform and the device to restart.


When the screen is unresponsive, do the Galaxy Note 8 hard reset from the hard keys:

  1. Power off the device;
  2. Use the Volume Up, the Power, and the Home keys;
  3. Hold the three keys at once until you get to see the Samsung logo;
  4. Once you’re in, navigate with the Volume buttons until you manage to select the option that says Wipe Data / Factory Reset;
  5. Initiate the process with the Power button, as a confirmation;
  6. Use the same Power button to select the option Yes – Delete All User Data;
  7. Wait for it to finish and, after that, use the option Reboot System Now to leave the Recovery Mode and return to the normal running mode.


Once you master these basic options of how to reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you should be able to handle pretty much any issue that may come along. Just don’t forget that you must back up your data in order to avoid losing it after such a hard reset!

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