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Samsung Galaxy S8 Save An Image

This post will be very useful to you if you own a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus, and want to learn how to save images received from texts. The phone comes with a built in text messenger app, in this guide we show you how to keep the photos and media received through this particular app.

The images you save will be kept within the photo gallery app which comes with the phone. From here the image can be shared on all other forms of social network including Facebook and Instagram. It can also be used as a contact photo, or the screensaver on your device.


Follow these steps to save an image from a text on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. Open the text that holds the image you want saved.
  2. Tap on the photo, it should expand to cover the screen.
  3. There is a icon in the top right corner of the screen, tap it to open the menu. Or tap the photo again to bring up the menu.
  4. Select Save and the photo will save in the Photo.
  5. The option to save should appear, tap it to send the image to your gallery.


Saving Multiple Images 

If you get a batch sent that you want to keep, you don’t have to save all images individually. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Open the text that has the images you want to keep.
  2. Touch and Hold on a photo, this will bring up a small menu.
  3. Tap Save Attachment.
  4. This will bring up a new menu that shows the all of the images in the text.
  5. You can then tap the ones you want to save.
  6. When you have selected them all, tap Save.
  7. You will be given the option to Name the file.
  8. You will then be able to find this file in the photo gallery.


After completing these steps you will be able to locate the saved photos in the gallery. From here you will be given easy options to share the content to social media and certain media apps on your phone.

If you want to print any of the photos, the process is very simple with Wifi Printing. Follow this Samsung Galaxy S8 WiFi printing guide to go through the process step by step.





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