Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus IMEI Lookup

Have you ever wondered how to lookup your Samsung Galaxy S9 IMEI? Just like you keep the original box of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus with the proof of purchase to benefit from its warranty, you should also keep its IMEI number at hand! This is a serious thing, the IMEI serial number serves as a unique identification code for your expensive device. Should you ever lose it or have to prove your ownership on it, expect to be asked about this IMEI. Speaking of which, do you know it? Have you ever bothered to write down this essential piece of information and store it in a safe place? Let’s do it right away and, hopefully, it won’t be too late for your smartphone.


IMEI means International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. The name sounds quite serious and it really is… It doesn’t just serve as a unique indicator of your device, but it is also a feature that all GSM networks work with. They use it to check the validity of various devices and to determine whether a specific unit has been stolen or recently blacklisted.

If you think in perspective, whenever you’re about to buy a second-hand smartphone, it’s not a bad idea to check its IMEI number with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T. That’s the only way you can tell that the phone you’ll be paying good money for is not blacklisted in all the networks or hasn’t been reported as stolen. This is how you can find out your Galaxy S9 IMEI lookup.


How Can You Find Out IMEI Number On Samsung Galaxy S9?

We can think of at least three different ways and any of them is just as good, as long as you find it comfortable. For instance, you could:

  1. Check the Android system details – simply look at the Settings page, for Device Information, at Status, and you’ll get a long list of tech details, the IMEI code included;
  2. Take a look at the original packaging – this serial number is also imprinted on your phone’s original package, so, if you still have it, take a good look for this 15-digit code;
  3. Use a dedicated service code – last but not least, the *#06# service code is all you need to type in your phone app and the IMEI will pop up on the screen almost instantly.


Tell us, which is your favorite way to find out the Galaxy S9 IMEI code?

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