Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Keep Rebooting (Solution)

A Samsung Galaxy device, be it an S9 or an S9 Plus, that keeps rebooting is one of the most terrible sights. Call it annoying, literally frustrating, it’s certainly the kind of experience that could make you want to get yourself another smartphone. But what if you could find a solution for these situations when the phone reboots for several times in a row? If you’re seeing the Samsung logo on the rebooting screen more often that you get to see your favorite apps… Our guide on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus that keep restarting is one of the first resources you should check out.


This guide and, of course, the warranty must be on your list of priorities right now. We are going to show you a few possible causes and fixes, rest assured. But if you’re not lucky enough to make it work and you suspect it’s seriously damaged… Let’s just say that checking these reboot, shut off and freezing issues with the Samsung support is mandatory. With your warranty in place, you can get a quick and free fix. But before you get to that part, feel free to suspect a bad firmware or a recently installed app that makes your operating system to keep crashing. Even a defective battery could be at fault, though, for this one, you cannot really fix anything and you’ll have to change it.

Like we said, let’s pause for a few minutes and consider two things that you can absolutely tackle yourself.


Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Keeps Restarting – Android Problems Possible Cause

The Android problems that could normally make your smartphone to freeze, to shut off or to reboot out of a sudden trigger, most often, after a firmware update. When the firmware update went wrong or there’s a problem with it, the device can become unstable and a factory reset will be your only solution.

This reset will delete the faulty firmware version and get your Samsung back to its original settings, the ones from the factory. To make sure you’re not losing your personal data along with the operating system data, back things up before the factory reset. That way, when you start reconfiguring the smartphone, you will be able to restore this backup.


Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Keeps Restarting – Application Problems Possible Cause

When a certain app lacks the resources required to work properly or when its software has issues, again, you can encounter freezes, lags, and sudden reboots. To test the potential malfunctioning of a third-party app, you must boot the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus into Safe Mode. This mode is useful to remove bugs and securely uninstall applications. To get to it, turn off the phone and, after that, long press the Power button until the phone reboots. When the Samsung logo shows up, long press the Volume Down key until you’ll be asked about the sim-pin. And at the bottom left corner, the Safe Mode field will be visible.


Try these two options suggested by us above. If the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus keeps restarting itself, the time has come to check your warranty…

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