Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: Selfie Flash Guide

Those who tried to make the Samsung Galaxy S9 look like a less impressive flagship argued some camera features in particular. For starters, they said that its megapixels dropped down from 16 to 12, ignoring the fact that those 12 megapixels were actually Dual Pixels. Paired with the improved, faster autofocus that knows how to lock a target, the camera module on the new Galaxy S9 actually got better.

But some ignored all that and continued to argue that the front camera has no LED flash, as if this was another huge inconvenient. Believe us when we tell you, it isn’t! That’s because despite not having an actual physical LED to create the flash, the front camera of your Samsung Galaxy S9 can still benefit from a Flash effect when taking selfies!

If it’s not the LED flash, it’s the screen flash effect, something you can manually decide to activate when you want some extra light on your selfies. Does this concept ring a bell to you? In case it doesn’t, allow us to underline the fact that it has been inspired by the iPhone’s similar principle.


What is the Galaxy S9 selfie flash?

We can’t make it any clearer than that: your phone has no LED flash to accompany the lens of the front camera, that’s a fact. But instead of that, the camera app is giving you the option to activate a screen flash. When you do so, the display turns white and bright for a brief moment. All that light will reflect on your face, as you keep the phone with the display turned towards you, making your skin look brighter.

When you take the photo, you get to see your face more illuminated, the effect being surprisingly similar to the one of a real LED flash. What’s even more interesting, Samsung put in a couple of other features that will make your selfies something to die for.

Otherwise said, you don’t just have this brighter glow, brighter than the one that Apple devices provide. You also have a more powerful processing option, with the software that cleans up images and renders significantly improved results. You also have the Beauty Mode that will smoothen your features. And with the Motion Photos that hide away the potential imperfections of moves caught up in the selfie… You won’t have enough of taking selfies with your Galaxy S9 all day long!

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