Samsung Galaxy S9 Assign Emergency Contacts – Resolved

While the notion of emergency contacts is pretty much the same on all smartphones, if you own a Galaxy S9 you get extra options. Assigning emergency contacts on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus is one thing and initiating calls towards those contacts, right from the Lock Screen, is another thing. We’re going to teach you how to take advantage of both options because… what’s an emergency contact if it takes ages to reach to it?


How To Set Up Emergency Contacts On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus…

Setting up emergency contacts on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus would have to do with the ICE group. That’s where things get started and where you too should navigate if you want to resolve the problem once and for all. Long story short, you will have to:

  1. Extend the Apps Menu;
  2. Select the Contacts app;
  3. Select the Groups button available somewhere at the top of the window;
  4. See the list of groups active by default;
  5. Tap on the ICE emergency contacts listed in there;
  6. Use the Edit button to add your emergency contacts;
  7. After you finish adding all the contacts you’d like to have on your emergency list, simply save the ICE emergency group with all the updates.


This sequence of steps got you to your first objective, the one of setting up emergency contacts. Now, if you want to have access to some of those contacts right from the Lock Screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9, you must:

  1. Lock the device;
  2. Tap, hold, and drag the Phone icon listed in the lower left corner of the Lock Screen;
  3. Bring it to the center of the Lock Screen;
  4. Select Emergency;
  5. Select up to 3 contacts from your list of emergency contacts, all of which should be ready to dial from now on, even when the screen is locked.


With this second sequence of instructions, you’re not just giving yourself faster access to emergency contacts. If your phone gets lost or you are in trouble, someone else, who doesn’t know your unlock code, can still access the information and call one of your emergency contacts, letting them know of your situation. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity provided by Samsung Galaxy S9!

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