Samsung Galaxy S9: Disable Power Monitor App

Next to the self-regulating RAM function, the Android operating system running on your Samsung Galaxy S9 has another interesting function. It’s called Energy Monitoring and it does precisely what the name suggests. It monitors what’s running on the device, what kind of resources is using, and regulates the energy consumption accordingly, by blocking the apps that are active but not in use. Take a look at how to disable power monitor app on Samsung Galaxy S9.


In other words, if you run an app in the morning and let it be in the background throughout the day, without actually using it and without completely turning it off, the Power Monitoring app will do that for you. It will block the app so that it will no longer use your Galaxy S9’s resources.

Is this a good thing? Sure it is, as long as you’re ok with it. But it’s just as good if you don’t like it, because you can disable the Power Monitoring app in just a few simple steps.


Want To Disable App Energy Monitor On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus?

  1. Begin from the Home Screen, by opening the App menu;
  2. Select the Settings icon;
  3. Select Device Maintenance;
  4. Look at the Menu bar for the Battery entry;
  5. Bellow the Battery, tap on the 3-dot icon;
  6. Tap on Advanced Settings;
  7. You’ll see the App Energy Monitor feature that you can select and deactivate.


After moving the slider next to the App Energy Monitor to inactive, you can consider your mission accomplished. You’ve just disabled the App Energy Monitor on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

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