Samsung Galaxy S9: Does Not Play WMV Files – Solution

Just because your Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn’t play WMV files, it doesn’t mean you will never be able to do it. In fact, the only reason why you can’t access files with the WMV extension, for the time being, is the fact that you haven’t installed the VLC Media Player.

The name of this app alone says pretty much everything. WMV stands for Windows Media Video, a file format that normally derives from a Windows video editor. The VLC Media Player, the app that can handle WMV files, is actually one of the most popular and versatile players among Android users.

Audio and video files in all kinds of formats can be accessed through it, the WMV file format included. So to fix WMV files not playing on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, follow the steps below:


Samsung Galaxy S9: Does Not Play WMV Files

  1. Open up the Play Store and search for the VLC Media Player;
  2. Download and install the VLC and use it to open any WMV file format.


With these two simple steps, you’ve found the solution for any Samsung Galaxy S9 that doesn’t seem to play WMV files. The problem is officially solved!

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