Samsung Galaxy S9: How To Activate Quick Charge

When you bought that Samsung Galaxy S9, you were probably thrilled at the thought that you are going to use the quick charge feature. But then you had it, you plugged in the charger, and were quite disappointed. We take it your smartphone doesn’t do precisely what you were expecting it to do. That’s not such a big deal because, in the Android Nougat operating system version, this feature can be enabled and disabled whenever you want. You can do this to learn how to activate quick charge on Samsung Galaxy S9.

What we’re trying to say is that if your Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn’t seem to perform with the fast-charging function, it can be just a matter of settings. Find that particular feature among the Android Nougat settings, check its status, and you’ll know what to do about it.


How Can You Check If The Fast Charging Is Active On Galaxy S9?

  1. Start from the start screen, like you always do when you need to adjust some settings;
  2. Open the Apps Menu;
  3. Select the Settings option;
  4. Select the Device maintenance option;
  5. Go to Battery;
  6. In the next screen, access the menu from the 3-dot icon at the top right corner;
  7. Go to Advanced Settings;
  8. Once the pop-up menu shows up, you can open the Charge section;
  9. Locate the Quick charge via cable option;
  10. And see its status, switching it from Off to On.


Do that and finally, connect the charger. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will recharge its battery faster, now this is how to activate quick charge on Samsung Galaxy S9.

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