Samsung Galaxy S9 How To Add Signature To Text Messages? Solved!

Business or personal messages, some people just like to sign them regardless of the context. If you thought that your Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t give you the option to add a signature to your text messages, you were wrong. And your problem is about to get solved by simply following the indications from this tutorial.

The only context where you probably won’t have this signature to text messages option is when the Galaxy S9 is still running on the older Android version of operating system. Bear in mind, though, that the automatic signature is not possible, yet a workaround can still be implemented… And here it is:


How To Add Signature To Text Messages On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

  1. Go to Settings, at the Language and Input section;
  2. Select your Samsung Keyboard listed in there and go to Text Shortcuts;
  3. Tap the Add label and type in a text, like a title for that shortcut: Quick Access: “Signature”;
  4. Next, type the actual signature, within the extended text section: “Respectfully, Name, Phone Number” – of course, that’s just an example, you can use whatever signature you want;
  5. Finally, save the shortcut and get back to messaging.


If you’ve created the shortcut just like we suggested, the next time when you’ll type a text message, you can simply enter the Signature shortcut. By doing so, your message will be automatically filled with the previously configured signature text. And that’s how you add signatures to the text messages sent from Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

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