Samsung Galaxy S9 Sending Text Messages To Multiple Recipients – Tip

Whether the holidays are coming and you want to send special wishes to a lot of people or you’re planning a special event and need to communicate with multiple persons… There will be many instances when you’ll need to send the same text message to more than one contact from the agenda of your Samsung Galaxy S9.

When the situation requires it, what do you do? Because even if you copy and paste the message to manually send it to every person, it will still take more time than you probably want. So, how about you write it once and send it to up to 20 different people in an instant? That’s right, you don’t have to copy and paste your messages until your fingers hurt!


How To send one message to multiple recipients, at the same time, from your Galaxy S9…

  1. Launch the Messages app;
  2. Look for that symbol with a circle and a stylus in it, at the bottom-right corner, and select it;
  3. Once you access the New Message window, select the Contacts icon from the Receiver bar;
  4. Select the contacts you wish to send this text message to – you can make up to 20 selections for one message;
  5. Use the Done option to confirm that you have finalized the selection;
  6. Write your message and use the Send option to have it sent to everyone you selected.


The process is simple and, hopefully, you’ll find our short guide just as intuitive. Only practice will tell you how easy it is to send text messages to multiple recipients from your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

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