Samsung Galaxy S9: Top 5 Secret Codes For Phone App

Every now and then, you bump into a problem with your Samsung Galaxy S9 that requires testing or simply accessing a particular type of information. You don’t know where to get it from and, as you surf the web, you notice people talking about who knows what service code.

Some people like to call them secret codes but the truth is they’re not really secret. To put it simply, they are codes that you can’t find everywhere, even for the simple fact that you need them rarely. But you know how it goes, when you need it the most, it seems the hardest to find.

Which is why we thought we should spare you from the research and introduce you to the top most important codes you might need to use on your Samsung Galaxy S9. In this article, you’ll find 5 of them. Read, take notes or just save this article somewhere, and remember it when you’ll need it!


5 Secret Codes For Phone App For Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus 

  1. Use *#0*# to access the Service Menu on Samsung Galaxy S9 and run multiple hardware and function tests (think of compass calibration, height sensor, etc.);
  2. Use *#7353# to access a sensors’ Service Menu on Samsung Galaxy S9 and check a series of other useful sensors and their performances;
  3. Use *#9090# to call up the Service Mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 – but don’t use it for tests if you don’t know what effects to expect!
  4. Use *#06# to find the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S9 and be able to test if it hasn’t been reported as stolen or blacklisted;
  5. Use *#0808# to access the USB settings of your Samsung Galaxy S9, like switching from MTP to PTP and so on, but don’t ignore the possibility of affecting the USB computer connectivity!


With these five codes in mind, you’ll get the chance to improve the functionality of your Samsung Galaxy S9. Of course, they also take practice, for you to make the best of it and know exactly what you should look for, when you access a service menu or mode.

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