Samsung Galaxy S9: USB Connection To PC Not Possible

Trying to connect the Samsung Galaxy S9 to a computer, via USB, without success? There are a couple of potential problems standing between your smartphone and a valuable storage option like the one of a PC…

But precisely because having this backup option is very important, we’re going to show you four things that you can try out almost instantly. Hopefully, one of them will work out sooner rather than later in your situation.


Galaxy S9 To PC USB Connection Not Possible?

It can be:

  • A hardware problem – with the USB cable itself or with the computer’s USB ports;
  • A software problem – with the USB settings and connectivity options.


Judging by the entire above, here are the 4 options previously mentioned:


Option 1 – Try To Use A Different USB Cable

Even when you’re using the original USB cable, the one you got when you ordered the Samsung Galaxy S9, you can still have such problems. USB cables break all the time, simply try a different one and you might see the difference you were hoping for.


Option 2 – Try To Connect The USB Cable To A Different USB Port On The PC

Most computers have more than one USB port these days. If one of them is stubborn enough to block your connection, don’t stop until you have tested every single one of them, with the original USB cable or with a new one.


Option 3 – Try To Enable The USB Debugging Mode

The very purpose of the USB debugging mode is to simplify the connectivity between the smartphone and the computer. Use the settings of your phone to get to it and try this option right away.


Option 4 – Try To Activate The MTP + ADP Settings

Just like the debugging mode, setting the USB status to MTP + ADP can make a significant difference. Go to the USB settings and find this feature listed in there. With one tap, you could fix the USB to PC connection not possible on Samsung Galaxy S9!


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