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Samsung Note 10: How To Enable Or Disable Driving Mode

As an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you should have observed that your phone has a driving mode. Though this mode, you can avoid voice calls by simply making use of a message which states your activity at the time of the call. You might want to know how to turn off and on driving mode in Samsung Note 10.

Furthermore, when a message comes in and your phone is on the driving mode, you do not need to text back. You can reply to a message with “I’m driving right now – I’ll get back to you later”. With this feature, you do not have to worry about getting distracted while driving.

Follow the steps below to learn how to enable or disable driving mode on Samsung Note 10.


How to Enable Driving Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

  1. Head to messages on your phone and open it
  2. Tap the Menu button
  3. Select driving mode
  4. Tap on the Add Device alternative to link Driving Mode with a Bluetooth Device – this is how this feature will be operated.
  5. As soon as your phone is linked with the Bluetooth device, look out for the “Driving Mode Auto-Reply” Alternative.
  6. If for any reason you want to disable the driving mode on your phone, you do not need a long process. You simply need to unmark the marked boxes to disable it.


After you follow the steps above, you’ll know how to enable or disable driving mode on Samsung Note 10.

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