Samsung Note 8 And Note 9 Changing Languages Guide

Just because you got your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 configured in English it doesn’t mean you cannot change it into just about any other language. Whether it’s German, Spanish, Korean, or whatever else you’d like to try, more important than knowing how to do it is understanding the consequences of doing it.


When you adjust the language of Samsung Note 9 and Note 8, the action will affect every single app and everything related to the user interface settings, the third-party applications included. This should make you ponder your options very well because if you happen to choose a language that you don’t really master, it might be difficult to do so when everything on your smartphone will be displayed in the new language.

Moving on to what changing languages in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8 won’t do, we have to mention the keyboard language settings. These ones should be adjusted separately and while it’s one more thing to keep in mind, it isn’t complicated either. Let’s talk about the setting tweaks, shall we?


To change the language of Samsung Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Unlock the device and access the Settings;
  2. Tap on My Device;
  3. Select the Input and Control subheading;
  4. Select Language and Input;
  5. Select Language;
  6. Pick your desired language, the one you want to have throughout the entire device.


To change the keyboard language of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Return to the Settings section;
  2. Tap on System;
  3. Select Language and Input;
  4. Identify the Keyboard entry and tap on the gear icon next to it;
  5. Choose the desired keyboard language;
  6. Check the box next to the language you want to use and uncheck any other language currently selected that you no longer want to have;
  7. Leave the settings and return to using the keyboard – if you have more than one active language, you can activate it by swiping sideways on the space bar.


To access a special language currently uninstalled on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Root the Samsung Note 8 or Note 9;
  2. Download MoreLocale 2;
  3. Install it on your smartphone and launch it;
  4. Tap custom locale, an option available near the top of the main window;
  5. Tap the buttons ISO639 and ISO3166;
  6. Pick your country and your language from the extended list;
  7. Hit the Set button when you’re done.


Now you know everything on how to change the language settings on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8. From the general instructions for rooting the device and accessing a different language, you have it all.

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