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Samsung Note 8 And Note 9 Cut, Copy And Paste Guide

The ease of use of an Android operating system device, as opposed to the one of an iOS or a Windows device, is mostly a matter of preference and practice. Some things are just easier than the others and, until you actually get to experience it, you live with this false impression that it’s too complicated.


Take the simple commands of how to cut, copy and paste on a Samsung Note 9 and Note 8. Before you do it, you don’t even know where to start from. And it’s not because it’s hard, it’s because the options are more or less hidden. The reason why they aren’t visible is… to make your navigation easier. You do the right thing and the commands pop up on the screen. Like we said, it seems hard until you get the essentials but, after that, you’ll find it as easy as it is on a computer.

Coming up next, we will show you how to master the cut, copy and paste tools. From highlighting and removing words to copying entire blocks of texts, it will all be a walk in the park.


Simple instructions on how to cut/copy/paste Note 9 and Note 8 texts:

  1. It all starts with the selection of one word;
  2. You press and hold anywhere on the area of the text that you’re planning to work on;
  3. You’ll see this menu bar showing up, right at the top of the screen;
  4. And you’ll see all the options you were looking for, listed in there: select all, cut, copy, paste;
  5. Drag the tabs that frame the selected text to extend your selection;
  6. Just tap the tool that you need to use;
  7. Long press in the window where you want to copy it;
  8. Select the Paste option from the new pop-up;
  9. And your text will show up in there.


These instructions work the same, no matter if you want to cut or just to copy a text. For the destination app, use the paste command. Nothing will be different, except for a few extra options like sharing and searching with a magnifying glass, options that only come up in a browsing app when you select text displayed online.

Otherwise, you’re good to start exploring the cut, copy and paste operations on any Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9. It’s pretty straightforward and it takes just practice, now that you know the theory.

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