Samsung Note 8 And Note 9 Disable Background Motion Effect

Be honest, the first time when you’ve used your brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9, weren’t you fascinated by the background motion effect? This new feature active by default on each device is something that would certainly make a lot of people jealous… The illusion that all the icons and the wallpaper itself are moving in the background, every time when you move the device and tilt the screen in a particular position, is priceless…

In the meantime, you have probably done your own research. If you didn’t, you will find out right away that the background motion effect from Samsung┬áNote 9 and Note 8 is actually called the parallax effect. The option works by combining the data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope, making everything look as if it’s on the move.


The 3D effect that results from here is attractive, but only in the first instance. At some point, you will either feel bored with it or you will start asking yourself about the costs of keeping this feature active. Because if you realize that it takes the constant use of those two sensors mentioned above, it must also be obvious to you that it takes up some resources.

Now, you might be determined to save those resources and block the gyro and the accelerometer from being active. But even if you want to disable this background motion effect of┬áNote 9 and Note 8, you can’t. Not now, because the option to disable the parallax effect simply doesn’t exist. Maybe in a future new firmware version…


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