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Samsung Note 8/Note 9/Note 10: How To Turn ON Double Tap And Wake up

While discussing the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10, users were excited for the new double tap option that would wake up the display or send it back into rest mode. That did not happen, however, which disappointed some users. Samsung did introduce a new feature, though.

The Always On display features a setting that allows you to see your important, frequently accessed features (time, date, and notifications) on your screen without having to turn the display on. This was assuringly an attempt to allow access to important information while erasing the need to even tap the screen.

This may be a convenient feature for users. If it doesn’t fit your needs, however, you can enable the double tap option to wake up Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8 smartphone by following the next easy steps.


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To enable double tap wake up on Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8

In order to use the double tap feature, you will have to install a third party app, because this is not a feature that Samsung offers. There are multiple app options on the Google Play Store that state that they offer a double tap screen wake/sleep option. Any of these apps are a good choice and will allow you to access your screen and turn off the display with just a simple double tap.

Obviously, you will have to run this app in the background at all times in order to use its convenient functions. This could prove to drain your battery. Nevertheless, though, you may want to try out one of these apps on your new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10 device. If the feature is not for you or is dissolves too much battery, you can always uninstall the app later.


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