Samsung Note 8 And Note 9: How To Turn ON Mobile Data Connection From Status Bar

Despite how common the internet has become nowadays, having a data plan on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 doesn’t guarantee a worry-free navigation. Depending on the limits of your plan, you might want to take care of how and when you decide to use this connection. And since it is such an important aspect, we have a feeling that you need quick access to this switch that turns the mobile data On and Off.

In today’s article, we’d like to show you how to do that right from the Status Bar. It’s simple to use and easy to follow, as you are about to discover!


The only 4 steps you need to turn on mobile data from Note 9 and Note 8 status bar:

  1. Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 smartphone;
  2. Pull down the status bar from the top of the display;
  3. Hit the Edit button displayed at the top right corner;
  4. Identify the Mobile Data icon and tap on it to change its status.


If the Mobile Data was turned off, one tap will automatically turn it on. The opposite is also available, if it’s turned on and you tap on it, the connection turns off easily. This quick command of how to turn on the mobile data connection from the status bar of Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 is very handy, so, keep it in mind!

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