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Samsung Note 8/Note 9/Note 10: How To Use Sleep Mode

If you have ever owned or used an Android device before, you are familiar with the Do Not Disturb option. However, on the Samsung Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10, the feature has been renamed which can make it more difficult for users to initially find. The feature is now called “Blocking Mode” on Samsung Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8.

This could be due to the features intentions- to block incoming calls and messages- but the name change could also be due to another cause. Apple has adopted the same name for a similar feature; therefore Samsung may have chosen to go with a different name for originality purposes.

In any event, you should be familiar with this feature on your new phone and what it offers. Enabling Blocking Mode on Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8 device allows you to block incoming phone calls, text messages, and various notifications for a specific time. This can be particularly useful in many situations, like an important business meeting or the event of trying to squeeze a few hours of sleep into a busy schedule. Enabling Blocking Mode will allow you to still use your phone without being disturbed by any unwanted notifications.

However, the app settings allow you to choose for the “blocking” to not be quite so strict. You can choose options that will still allow you to receive emergency calls or hear alarms so that you do not miss anything extremely important while enjoying your time of quiet.

Enabling and configuring this function is incredibly simple. Below are the steps to using Blocking mode, formally called Do Not Disturb Mode, on Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8 phone.


How to turn on the Blocking Mode on Galaxy Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select “Blocking Mode” from the list of options
  3. In the top right corner of your screen, you should see a toggle switch. This will allow you to disable and enable the Blocking Mode feature.

Now that you have completed these steps, you will notice a small symbol at the top of your screen. It will appear as a circle with a line across the center. This is to signify that Blocking Mode is enabled on Samsung Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8.


How to configure and personalize the Blocking Mode on Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8

While viewing the Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10 Blocking Mode option, you will also be able to see a list of customizable options. This will allow you to choose which sounds and notifications you would like to block while using Blocking Mode. Generally, users commonly use the following two options:

  1. Block all incoming calls
  2. Turn off all smartphone notifications


If you are using this device while sleeping or otherwise need to hear your alarm sound, DO NOT check the box labeled “Turn off alarm and time.”

Another convenient option allows you to set regular time periods that the Blocking Mode will automatically enable and disable itself. However, you will not be able to set the Blocking Mode for different weekdays, and the time periods that you choose will be effective every day.

Additionally, you will be able to select certain contacts from your contact book that you will still be able to receive incoming calls from, even with Blocking Mode enabled. Therefore, even with your Note 8 or Note 9 in Blocking Mode, you will be able to:

  1. Receive calls from contacts on your Favorites list.
  2. Make a custom contacts list of people who you would like to receive notifications from while your device is still in Blocking Mode.


Once you have determined who you would like to receive calls from and which notifications will be important for you to continue to receive, your Blocking Mode option on Galaxy Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8 device is fully configured.

Please note that Blocking Mode is different from permanently blocking a particular contact. In order to successfully block any annoying callers, open your phone applications and access your Reject List. You will need to add individual numbers you wish to block here.


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