Samsung Note 8 And Note 9: How Turn OFF Autocorrect

For some people, writing without any typos or without more serious mistakes is a serious thing. Just because you’re using a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, where you get to type really fast and maybe you afford to use short forms of certain words, without worrying too much about how it looks, it doesn’t mean you won’t want to try the Autocorrect on Note 9 and Note 8.

But discovering that the Note 8 and Note 9 Autocorrect doesn’t always make the correct suggestions will inevitably happen. If you are already wondering how you can deactivate it, we can assure you that it is very simple.


Here’s how to turn off the Autocorrect on Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Unlock the phone;
  2. Launch any app with keyboard access;
  3. Tap the Dictation Key next to the Space Bar;
  4. Tap the Settings icon;
  5. Tap the Smart Typing option listed in there;
  6. Select the Predictive Text to turn it off;
  7. Look at the extra options – auto-capitalization, punctuation marks etc. and decide what else you want to disable or to enable.


The process isn’t new or complicated, but you probably didn’t know that the Autocorrect is actually listed as Predictive Text within the menus of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9. Now that you know it, you will also know where to look back for it, in the event that, after a while, you will want to reactivate this feature. Back to the Smart Typing section, one tap on the Predictive Text will switch it from Off to On.

That’s all for now, with the final mention that all of our instructions presented so far relate to the Samsung built in keyboard. If you’ve made the switch to a third-party keyboard, the steps won’t necessarily be the same. Take a look at how it is laid out and see if you can anticipate what you need to do.

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