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Samsung Note 8 And Note 9 Won’t Receive Texts (Solution)

When you’ve just started to use this new Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Note 9 and you discover that it won’t receive text messages, you must be quite upset. The annoyance will escalate, however, as you might notice that the “won’t receive texts” problem tends to manifest randomly. Or that sometimes you also have a problem with sending texts on Note 9 and Note 8.


Here is the thing – what you see is not random, though it might look this way. The two problems that we have just mentioned and that you are most likely dealing with are more related than you think. And they all come down to previously using your SIM on an iPhone. Because you had it on an Apple device and because you had the iMessage service active but you have probably forgotten to deactivate it when you have switched the phones, you’re now going through this.

To sum up, chances are that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 cannot send text messages to non-Apple devices and cannot receive messages from Apple devices. Can you now see how the issues are interconnected? The solution is also more than obvious, you will have to deactivate the iMessage services. Naturally, we will show you how to do it, regardless of whether you still have the old iPhone or not.


If you are in the possession of that iPhone…

  1. You will have to take out the SIM from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Note 9 and put it back into the iPhone;
  2. Activate the internet connection;
  3. Go to Settings;
  4. Select the Message option;
  5. Turn off the iMessage from there.


If you don’t have that iPhone anymore…

  1. Go over the web on the Deregister iMessage page;
  2. Select the “No longer have your iPhone?” option;
  3. Type your phone number;
  4. Select your region;
  5. Click on the option to Send Code;
  6. Insert the code that you will receive on the smartphone into that field “Enter Confirmation Code”;
  7. Use the submit button.


From this moment on, consider the “Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Note 9 can’t receive messages” problem fixed. Any of the two solutions presented in this short tutorial are just as useful. You can use whatever you prefer and, provided you follow the exact steps, it won’t be long and you will be able to use your Android smartphone exactly like you are supposed to!

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