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Samsung Note 8 Bluetooth Issues – Fixed

Despite the fact that Samsung’s latest device Note 8 is an astounding cell phone, there are a few situations of imperfect Bluetooth showing up in the circles. Although Samsung has not found any report on the cause of the Bluetooth problem, but the problem can be solved even if it is not 100% sure because Samsung has not really focused on this issue it has also been accounted for in a few auto mobiles too like Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota and even Tesla and Volvo. There are a few ways you can attempt to take care of these Bluetooth issues on Samsung Note 8:

The main technique is to clear the Bluetooth cache by utilizing the clear the cache instructions. The cache stores data for a short period of time making it simpler to switch applications when needed. This Bluetooth problem arises as a result of changing between various automobile brands and your device can not assume full control of the of the car’s system.

It is suggested that you clear the cache and after that try reconnecting once more. This method might work. But in any case, there are other methods you could try which include:


How to fix Samsung Note 8 Bluetooth issues:

  1. Turn on your Note 8
  2. Choose all applications options from your home screen
  3. Click the settings option on your device
  4. Also, click on the Application manager on the list
  5. Your application in most cases may not indicate the list, so select Display All functions on your device.
  6. Click on the Bluetooth
  7. Forcefully stop it
  8. Empty the cache once more
  9. Clear every information concerning the Bluetooth once more.
  10. Click Ok and afterward restart your smartphone using the power key.


How to fix Samsung Note 8 Bluetooth issues:

If you’ve tried all the processes and they seem abortive, in this case, you would have to make use of the recovery mode and also use the wipe cache partition option. This option has proven to be the most effective of all and it works in line with the Note 8 will ideally work after that. You can follow the guidelines by making use of the links above.

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